The original establishment was founded in 1938 and incorporated in 1940 under the name of VINCEKA & Co., with certified with exclusive Trade Mark Rights.

Brain Child of Wilson Karunarathne, who grew the company carrying 18 sales distribution vehicles and by deploying a Research & Development facility in Angoda, Colombo while owning a Studebaker for himself, one of three available in Sri Lanka back in 50s.

The company consists of diversified product range including Eau de Cologne, Hair Oil, Carbolic Soap, Talcum Powder, Shoe Polish, Nail Polish Remover, Silicon Oil, Olive Oil, Castor Oil, King coconut Oil, Rose Water, Lavender

Water and even food items of Fruit Cordials (first ever in SL), Fruit Jams, Cool Drinks, Fruit-flavored bottled drinks, Marshmallow and more; which were carried en route to third generation.

With Eau de Cologne being the main product category at the time, it had been publicized as “Vinceka’s Double 44 Eau de Cologne, Peerless in Strength” and also known as “Best in the Market, Famous throughout Ceylon” in 40s which are still available for exhibit.

About BARNEY & Co.

BARNEY & Co. is established in 1984, the fragrance is now composed by third generation as state-of-the art Eau de Cologne & Perfume Manufacturing Companies in Sri Lanka.

Bandula Karunarathne, son of Wilson Karunarathne, who have been mastering the recipes since 80s, is now partnered up with his youngest son Aravinda Karunarathne, who is an up and coming corporate leader who held positions in multinational corporate fields in both consumer and business-to-business sectors as in household,

personal care, pharmaceutical, IT, trading and industrial sectors.

Current Distribution Network Of BARNEY & Co.


Currently operating the company marketing 5 product lines with 13 sales distribution vehicles by partnering up with Synergy Capital, the authorized master distributor carrying their own well experienced field staff & their passion to further strengthen the island wide consumer followership to the brand.

As latest, an exclusive direct company sales operation is underway in Kandy region with goal of internal geographical coverage.

The company is currently looking to replicate their success across the other geographies of BARNEY & Co by manufacturing/bringing back new ranges which goes beyond cosmetic and personal care sectors such as Baby Clothing Products and a separate sector for youth; Gaming Experience to new comers and veterans.

More on BARNEY & Co.

Re-launched in 2017 in Sri Lanka with a vision to go island wide key districts in 2019. this vision became reality in 2018 with the entry into Synergy Capital Lanka (Pvt) Ltd. Along with principle Sponsor, Synergy Capital, BARNEY & Co. plans to set up in potential untapped geographical areas in Sri Lanka over the next few years.

The BARNEY & Co. Team

Our well experienced Sales team is a consist of former Eveready/Energizer consumer household and personal care group, where they face the front line for the company by handling end users as well as to their retailers. They also continuously work to identify ever changing consumer needs and provide inputs to Product Team for cause of action.

Our Product team identifies on going market demands and ensure to enable the correct product line consolidating with the inputs given by the sales team while forming to deploy the remaining products effectively and in most efficient manner. Our logistics team works seamlessly through organization and keep constant contact with our product team and manufacturers to ensure deadlines are met and deliveries are on time.All of our teams strive to balance the consumer needs with the company’s aesthetic to make each product special and unique.

Working at BARNEY & Co.

The key leader at BARNEY & Co. acknowledge the importance of a positive working atmosphere that comes from cohesiveness, effective communication and personalization. Individuals of the BARNEY & Co. team are able to explore their creativity to expand company and personal success. From design to sales to production and logistics, the BARNEY & Co. works to cultivate respectful and diligent communication on all fronts to foster success and a favorable environment in which to grow.