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Oh hello there! Here’s a little blurb about us:

Alpha & Omega Gaming Café is a space for friends and your colleagues to enjoy each other’s company while playing cooperative or competitive PC games.

Backed by loveable local gaming cafes like AW Game Zone & Charlton, embodies cooperative play and positive outreach; we believe in equal opportunity, collaboration, and wholesome fun. An ideal place where you can come to learn and or master the online/LAN PC games or old ones.

Come and Enjoy through the day and even late nights (at your request). We here at Alpha & Omega Gaming Café welcome (and encourage) all to be your weird nerdy little self.


Intagram Icon: https://www.instagram.com/kandygamingcafe/

Facebook Icon: https://www.facebook.com/pg/kandygamingcafe/


Lockdown Coming Soon…

Contact for Parties & Rates 0769850067


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